What`s better between Caviar Black 500 vs Seagate Momentus 750?

Hello, i`m going to build a new high end gaming computer.

I`m going to buy only 1 Hard Drive as main system hard drive.
I want to buy one hard drive and then buy ssd.
What`s the better choice between Seagate Momentus 750GB or Caviar Black 500GB.
These Hard Drives are different Momentus is Hybrid HDD\SSD and Caviar Black is HDD.

My Setup:
Asus Maximus V Formula
Asus GTX 680 4GB
Corsair HX 1050W Gold
SDD (in future)
CM Storm Trooper
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  1. From a reliability standpoint, buy the WD drive. Seagate drives have poor reliability in my experience.
  2. The answer is YES. But those hybrid drives are a bit finicky imo. Seagate ain't bad, but the wd would be the better choice. And honestly, you don't need a 1050 watt psu. I'd get a 750 watt corsair or seasonic.
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