I have no need to over clock my GTX 480, But have a ?

In my GPU over clocking programs (I have 2 to check one against the other for accuracy) I see that the core is locked, but the shader and memory can both be over clocked.

Can anyone tell me why it's like this?

And if I ever need to over clock can I see any significant gain by OC'ng the shader and memory only?

I am locked at 60FPS in FSX though so I don't really think I'll do anything other than run my fan at 70% while in FSX like I've been doing.

And to quell any rumors about how hot the GTX 480 runs, the fan on it is at 44% at default I think when not gaming and it is in the 40's C as far as regular temps.

Before I start FSX I set the fan on the card to 70% and I usually hover around 65 C while using FSX, the hottest I've seen is 72 C so far.

So those folks complaining about temps around 90C don't have adequate cooling or something.
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  1. In GTX 4xx series card the shaders run at double the core clock. So when you overclock shaders you automatically overclock core. FSX is really more CPU dependant than GPU dependant so you are really not stressing the GTX480. See how hot it runs when stressing it with Furmark or even better if you have an EVGA card use the EVGA Overclock Scanner. That gets my temps higher than anything else.
  2. Thank you very much.
  3. Glad to help :)
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