I7 vs C2Q 9560 in FCP

I'm thinking of building a hackintosh running snow leopard. The purpose is for using Final Cut Pro to work on HD content (mainly 720p). I understand that the i7 920 is a superior cpu than the core 2 quad q9560. However, would that extra performance be noticeable running FCP? It's my understanding that after a certain point, a graphics card and more importantly, memory becomes the key to increasing the performance. Any thoughts?

I'm also looking into the gigabyte ep45-ud3p mobo. I've seen videos where they've OCed the q9560 to circa 3.6~3.8 ghz with minor voltage increases. With proper cooling I wouldn't mind OCing the cpu enough to slightly surpass the performance of a quad core mac pro.

I guess to reiterate my question, would the i7 give negligible performance gains over the q9560 for my intended application?
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  1. Well, the i7 920 is a little faster all the way around, but the boards for it cost more because they have more features and bandwidth. But even without overclocking, you will not notice a killer difference in raw CPU speed between those 2. Save money on the board and get a better graphics card and RAM.

    If you search around the benchmark websites... you will see what I mean, less than 5-8% difference in most cases.
  2. And I only think the i7 920 shows a little higher benchmarks because it has hyperthreading. But most of the time you will need to disable hypterthreading to run OS X on your system with the vanilla kernel.
  3. Sound advice...thank you. I can really use the money on memory and a graphics card.
  4. No problem. PM me in the future if you have any trouble with your OSX86 installation. I have build a few rigs for this myself, but most of them have been based around the P43 or P45 chipsets with Core 2 Duo chips like the e7500. I've had pretty good results with 10.5.8... but I have had some snow leopard problems randomly.

    Let me know! Cheers :D
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