First Time building a mini-itx pc...HELP!

hello, this week i bought parts to build a mini itx computer from amazon and newegg. i bought a apex mi-008 case, foxconn D42S Motherboard, 2 gb memory i had, and hdd and dvd from an old pc. i believe i hooked up everything correctly and when i turn the system on, nothing happens. the power goes on but there are no signals to vga or probably anything. i opened the dvd tray, inseted the driver disk came with the motherboard, still nothing. i need help
-thanks, Ryo
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  1. Wait, so is the system not booting up period or is it not going into Windows? I don't quite understand what DOES happen during boot-up.

    First off, check that the 24-pin motherboard power and the 4-pin CPU power connectors are in place.

    Then check that everything is plugged in properly (SATA drives connected to mobo, drives have power cables plugged in).

    Check that the monitor is connected to the VGA port and that the monitor has power.

    If all these are done right, the system should boot up at least to a BIOS screen. From there, you need to install an operating system onto the hard drive and you're good to go.
    so i have the 24 and 4 power win in the mobo. everythings connected. when i turn it on, nothig happens. the fans and the drives all seem to be running. i CANT see the display (no bios no os). i used a hdd that was in another pc which broke.
  3. Hmmm. Since it's an integrated CPU/video chip, its hard to troubleshoot. It may be a bad motherboard. Foxconn isn't the most reliable of brands, unfortunately.
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