No HDD spin up

Hey guys,

So for like the past year or so my computer (homebuild) has been not booting every once and awhile. Normally I just press the restart button and everything works fine.

But this is my problem now, I went to go start it up the other day and I get no post, no boot, no output of any kind. The CPU fan and pump kick in, the DVD drive spins for a sec like norm, case fan turns on, however my RAM fans and my HDD does not spin up.

What I have done so far:

took out both ram sticks-tried to start
put one in, tried, then took it out, tried just the other
took out graphics card, cleaned connections, put back in
clear cmos, removed battery, put back in
blew out ram connections
checked capacitors (every one i can see without taking everything apart looks good, there are ones i can't see)
wiggled some wires around.

After I did all this it booted for me once, worked fine, stable but then next boot would not turn on again.

So i don't know if its a bad mobo or what...

QQ6600 (BIOS is at default everything atm.)
evga gtx260 core 216
4gb corsair -1066mhz 5-5-5-15

please help,
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  1. Wiggled some wires and it booted! Sounds like a bad connection somewhere. Other than that PSU or mobo problem.
  2. oh yeah, btw, the mobo has green light, idk if that helps.

    I don't think its a bad connection just because it did this for so long almost every other boot or so, but never in a row.
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