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Hello. I am now getting rid of the laptop I've been using. The way it sounds is like an old cat's wheezing. I have a problem it's going on me.

I have an external hard drive. I can't afford to purchase a new laptop or a new cpu. Is it possible to use my external drive or even a new external drive as a cpu? If I were to install windows - i have xp by the way - and hook it up to my monitor somehow - is it possible?

Otherwise, does anyone know of an honest place to purchase a refurbished or used cpu? Even a new one that is under $500?

I appreciate your input in advance!

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  1. Hi Compopper I'm slightly confused by your post but will try to help.

    You cannot use an external HDD as a CPU... You cannot fit a CPU to an external HDD.

    Why do you want to buy a new CPU??? Do you mean laptop??

    If you have $500.00 I'm sure you could pick up a decent 2nd hand laptop for that.

    I can't recommend anywhere other than eBay as I am in the UK.
  2. It is actually possible with some WD external hdds which have arm cpus inside them,but it won't create a pc you can use for everyday applications and it takes a LOT of setting up.
  3. No sh*t, got a link? :D
  4. ^+++1
  5. suteck said:

    I do,but I hope you know greek;pCheck it here
  6. You can get a new laptop at Best Buy, Frys, Microcenter, even Wal-Mart for less than $500 if you look around. Might not be the best laptop in the world, but I'm sure they'll be better than your xp setup. Just make sure to get Windows 7 Home, Pro, or Ultimate... stay away from Starter!
  7. Also, if you got a Microcenter, a Dell or an HP outlet around you... you can usually pick up an open box, or refurbished laptop pretty easy for $400.




    Just posted some links to give you an idea. Gotta be better than your XP rig.
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