Is there a step by step giude to installing memory sticks

I am upgradig my memory on my pavillion i am looking for a step by step guide with pictures or video on how to do this safely without crashing my computer this was my old pc doing it up for my dad it has only 1x256 i have purchased 2x512 hopefully my dad will not need any more any help out there?
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  1. To be honest changing the memory is one of the easiest things you can change in a computer, and will definitely give you a noticible boost.

    Step 1:
    Unplug the power and open the computer up, and place it in such a way that everything is easily accessible, generally laying it on its side is the easiest.

    Step 2:
    Ground yourself by touching any metal parts of the chassis

    Step 3:
    Locate the existing RAM, since you already have the new sticks you should be able to pick out where they are pretty easily.

    Step 4:
    On either side of the existing RAM there is a little white tab, you will need to pull those tabs away from the RAM until the RAM starts to come up. Once you do that to both sides, you will be able to lift the RAM out of the socket.

    Step 5:
    Make sure you ground yourself again. (do this often just to be safe, and follow good practice)

    Step 6:
    Open 1 of the new sticks of RAM, and make sure you have it facing the correct direction (eg. the pins line up with the slot) and insert it into the slot closest to the CPU. Push the chip evenly until the white tabs at the end lock it into place. note that you will have to use some force, just make sure you press it evenly and it is lined up properly.

    Step 7: repeat step 6 with the second stick of RAM. putting it in the slot next the the first one.

    Step 8: put case back together and plug power back in.

    Step 9: Boot computer and enjoy the new RAM

    Hopefully this should be pretty straightforward, but let me know if you have any questions!

    Good luck!
  2. Or, since this is the 2nd time today posting the same question, you could do a quick google search....
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