Can you Switch your OS from a larger HD to a smaller SSD?

I was not sure where to post this so I figured I would try a couple of different places and see what I can find. Ok so I have a 5900 RPM 1T Hard drive currently running my O.S and a few other programs, but it has gotten to the point where I would like to speed up the boot time and running certain applications. I wam looking at getting a SSD that at most will have 124GB of storrage space.

I tried ghosting one hard drive to a smaller faster hard drive on my laptop so I know that it won't work but I have heard some people talking that their is a way to make the computer think that all the free space on the hard drive is gone and the hard drive is only as big as how much space is actually taken up.

Basically I have 2 questions. One can anybody walk me through how to do this and two if I do this will it let me ghost my OS to the smaller drive?
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  1. Just reinstall.
  2. Download Paragon Imaging Tool :
    The download requires free registration (they are good about not spamming you)
    the instructions are easy to follow
    I use the Window PE/Linux boot disk.
    Load the system into windows and create boot disk (need cd-r)
    boot the disk from your computer (post if you need help figuring that out)
    I usually image out to an external USB.
    Though if both drives are connected to tower that works also.
    You can pick how much compression (more compression takes longer)
    You want backup option.
    There are help guides for Paragon on internet (just google)
    remember your used space for os and programs must not be bigger than target drive
    if it ls less then target then you will need to resize the hard drive afterwards to
    get free space back (in Win7 use shrink/extend partition in disk manager or can use Easus Partition manager)
    Let me know how you made out :)
  3. HAVE DOone it with paragon hard disk mahager , can be rented for 10 days or a few uses for $9.00 or bought fort a bit more , but it will do what you want
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