Nvidia 9800 GTX+ Power?

Hey guys,
I'm new here and have a question.
I recently bought a 9800 gtx+ (512mb) graphics card, but it didn't come with the power cable, 1 x 4 pin periphal cable -> 2 x 6 pin PCIe power cable. I ordered the power cable but got sent the wrong thing, it is only 1 x 6 pin but has 2 x 4 pin periphal cable. I tried using this cable and it seems to work OK but I want an opinion on whether it is a good idea or not.
Cheers and peace out.

BTW my system specs:
E7500 2.93GHz dual core CPU
480W PSU (20A)
4GB DDR2 RAM (2x2GB sticks)
Nvidia GeForce 9800GTX+ 512mb graphics card (PCIe)
MCP73VT-PM Mobo (Getting Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G mobo later today)
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  1. Huh? Thats the cable you need. What would you do with a single 4pin molex to dual 6pin PCIe?

    If your card needs two of those 6pin plugs then I suggest you get a newer/better PSU. You'll stress the $h!7 out of the one you have, and who knows what will happen when it blows.
  2. The graphics card has 2 of the 6 pin plugs...
    The PSU is brand new and can handle the power that the graphics card needs, I just need to know if my graphics card will be alright with only 1 6 plug plugged in.
  3. You should plug the other one in. The recommended PSU size for your card is 450Watt with 24amps on the combined +12 volt rail.
    Do you mind sharing with us the brand and model number of your brand new PSU that comes without 6pin PCIe connectors.
  4. DeadestThread said:

    The PSU is brand new and can handle the power that the graphics card needs, ...

    How do you know?

    And if it did have 2 PCIe power connectors, a 9800 GTX+ needs about 11 amps and your CPU will need about 7 amps if you do not overclock it. Add drives and fans and with a 20 amp single rail PSU, your 12 volt rail will be running close to 100% capacity.

    Not a good idea. :pfff:
  5. Just checked the PSU, it's 480W with 30A not 20 >.<
    The connector seems to be OK for it after testing.... Will have to see how it goes.
    Sorry for being such a noob :lol:
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