Help new pc build wont start

so i just put together a new computer with the following

asrock m3a770de
2x2 1333mhz g skill ram
x3 720 be
corsair 750w
generic dvd drive and 2 1 tb samsung f3

so my first questions are

do new power supplies usually have a slight burning plastic smell?
does "8" beeps mean a video card failure
are there any way to check my motherboard is functioning properly?
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  1. I would look in your mobos manual for a beep code, it will probably explain whats not working. Also if your mobo has a onboard graphics chip then try booting with that instead of the one you have. My PSU just smelled like new metal/plastic i dont know.
  2. i do not have a onboard graphics chip and the beep code is not in the manual
  3. that might help someone on another thread confirmed your 8 beep problem is probably a video card situation
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