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Hi guys,

I have a desktop pc that I built last year with your help that I have recently ordered a SSD for (Samsung 840 pro 128 gig). I have an OEM version of Win 7 and also a downloaded student version of Microsoft Office 2010. I still have the original disk for Win 7 and have no disks for Microsoft Office.

I would like to use the SSD as a boot drive as well as for some applications and games. I have read about cloning the existing hard drive onto the SSD and have also read about doing a full reinstall of windows and all programs and backing up files on an external drive, however I do not really understand exactly what to do in each case.

Ideally I would like to have just windows 7 and Microsoft office transferred to the SSD and keep everything else on the hard drive. Does anyone have any advice in how to do this or similar in the easiest way possible? I know i'm not being very clear but I would really appreciate any help in sorting this all out. If it turns out to be impossible then I might just have to buy win 7/win 8 and office again.

Thanks for reading this far :)


TLDR: transfering files from existing HDD to new SDD without losing windows/office.
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  1. Here is link for Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

    And for the office 2010, you can go back the site you downloaded the office and download again (I think you should have the link in your e-mail), if you can find then go to microsoft account:

    And if you want you can cloning the whole HD into the SSD but you have to clean/delete some of your programs and junk file/folds first using the ccleaner:

    After you done the cloning ( EaseUS Disk Copy Home Edition form, run the AS SSD to make sure the SSD has good alignment. Look at the left upside, if you see the green color words (iastorA-Ok or msahci-OK) then you are done.

    AS SSD:
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