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I wasn't sure if I should put this here or in Video games.

I'm currently trying to figure out the best to have a 'console' PC running steam bigpicture in the living room using the same steam data as my main gaming rig.

I don't have anything in the living room yet, I'm just wondering if it would work networking a high end SSD in the gaming rig and having the living room pc run the game from there, or if it's just better to do incremental backups of the steam data on the gaming pc over the network.
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  1. Steam upload should do it? Like when you finish a game and back out it should, if you have it setup right, upload to your account online?
  2. You can't really game across your home network from one PC to another, but you can certainly do what spat55 suggested.

    Just install Steam on your 'console' PC, configure for Big Picture, and run your games with the uploaded Steam saved data.
  3. Will that work if the game isn't advertised as 'Steam Cloud' enabled?
  4. What specific game(s) are you asking about?
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