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Hi guys, i've just received my new 4850 and plugged it straight into my pc, it booted up fine and i logged in. Now it was here when my monitor began to blink (screen goes off for a second then back on), i've also noticed that with more windows open, the blinking happens much more frequently and also, the higher the resolution (800x600 now) the more it blinks.

I couldn't install the drivers off the CD i was given as it kept on either crashing or just taking forever to finish the last bit of the install cd (CCC), i left it for 5 minutes and saw no progress so i cancelled the install via cntrl alt delete and downloaded the drivers online + CCC.

After much deliberation (due to the blinking screen), i finally got the drivers installed and rebooted my pc, the drivers seemed to be installed perfectly and show up fine on the device manager (although it did show some (!'s) next to a PCI Input device ~ not sure what this means?)

I'm not sure what to do, is it a dead monitor or have i damaged my new GPU somehow?

Any help or advice would really be appreciated guys, thanks a lot! :D
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  1. Try to run your system in safe mode to be sure if there ain't some problem with the previous installed drivers. In any case reinstall windows. Search in google if your monitor have any known issues with your VGA.
  2. Hey, thanks for your reply!

    I tried it with a different monitor and it worked absolutely fine, so i swapped the wire across from my friends monitor and plugged it into mine. (it was the different sort of connection - the smaller one), it worked?

    No flashing and plays AVP on max res absolutley fine?

    Any ideas what the problem might be, i'd used the monitor fine for about 4 years before!
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