My ram miraculously died overnight

So here's the story:

The day before an exam, I thought hey lets leave the computer on to download tonight.
The computer itself (donated from my friend who did not want to fix the problem) was recently fixed from some error that led the system to power down on its own after booting up for a few seconds, but the time before power down varied between 1-20 seconds. I figured it was more or less a PSU problem, so I replaced the PSU, also figured I should remove the ram for a bit so I did that, now it works quite fine...

Only problem is. MY RAM JUST HALVED (theoretically) overnight:

Upon the first 2 days of boot up, I'd check the virtual memory: 3.2ghz with 3.25 gb ram (4gb total in ram sticks I was told)

After leaving it overnight: Woke up, windows XP was playing up like it was frozen but not really frozen, just images were out of place and graphics seems to be unable to process vectors or whatnot. The dock bar would go to the top, right clicking an icon would go elsewhere, opening up a folder results in a grey screen, etc etc.

So I pressed the reset button. Booted up fine, but now: 3.2 ghz with 2.0 gb ram...

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  1. Right now I will try to shut down, take each ram out 1 by 1 to see if there's anything wrong with them or if theyll jump back up.

    Also, the rams are the small ones, DDR2 I believe, but they're smaller than normal, same length for slot though. Hence each 2gb ram does not come with attached coolant.
  2. Okay. I managed to fix it. It was apparently slightly loose, just the slightest. So I took it out and let the pins touch something to remove residual electricity and put it back in. Works fine. =] 3.25 gbs up and running again
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