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I own a HP Pavillion dv2000 running windows vista and I recently received the read disk error, press ctrl, alt, delete to continue. I encountered error while trying to restore my laptop to factory settings. Just so we are clear, I do not care about losing any data on many laptop as my original intent was to restore my laptop. Anyways, is there anything I can do preferably for free/easy to restore my hard drive and/or fix this problem from this point?

Extra Info (Just in case): I have the PhoenixBIOS setup utility
Please help guys, thanks!
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  1. If the hard drive has failed, you need to replace it as a drive in that condition can't be mended. To find out if it's failed, test it with a DOS bootable CD which contains the drive maker's testing software. The links are here:

    You can make a CD from the downloaded ISO file with IMGBurn on a working PC:

    Boot your HP from that CD and the testing software will open. Test the hard drive with Long/Extended test.

    Whether a new hard drive is needed or not, you will have to oder a set of recovery discs from HP.
    United Kingdom ordering page:
  2. Hi,

    Same problem with my DV2085. Up to now no solution but I'm working on it.
    It's not the harddisk, I've swapped it already. It has something to do with the HD I/O - probbably another bad soldering.

    I had to do the resoldering on the NVidia-chip twice - it could but the cause.

    I have no recovery disks but an image of the recovery partition. If you use it and the laptop goes bad, it could corrupt the recovery partition as well (happened to me twice). After installing a fresh OS, it will not remain stable after a few ours (Read/Write Errors)

    If you are shure your hd is OK, you can check if your laptop is running OK by booting and running from an external drive (p.e. SystemResue or any other bootable OS). Only if you try to read/write from your internal drive, your laptop will hang every now and then.

    I will come back on the issue if I have solved it.
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