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I'm building my second system from scratch. An ASUS P6X58D Premium Motherboard is going into a Lian Li A71F.
The Lian Li has 4 fans. Two 140mm in the front and two 120mm in the back. One of the rear fans is used to cool a hard drive cage. Hard drives can also be installed in the front, so worst case I might not need to use the rear hard drive cage.

The mobo only has 3 connectors for case fans. So I have 4 fans and only 3 mobo connections.

Question 1. I can connect one or more fans directly to the PSU (realizing it would be on all the time)?
If so, which would be the best candidate for the PSU?

Question 2. The ASUS P6X58D Premium manual says that "if you install two VGA cards, we recommend you install the rear chassis fan cable to the motherboard connector labeled CHA_FAN1/2/3 for the best thermal environment"

That's pretty amusing given there isn't any connector with that label. It's CHA_FAN 1 or CHA_FAN 2 or CHA_FAN 3. How do I determine which is the best one.?

Other. I7 950, PSU Corsair AX 850, 2 x HD6850 Crossfire, 6GB Mem, 1 SSD drive, 1 Velociraptor 150GB, 1 WD 1TB


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  1. Answer to #1: Yes you can connect one or more fans directly to the PSU. If you want to connect just one fan directly to the PSU, this fan should be the rear exhaust fan. This will ensure maximum exhaust.

    Answer to #2: The label "CHA_FAN1/2/3" means that you may connect the fan to any of the 3 chassis fan headers. Either CHA_FAN 1 or CHA_FAN 2 or CHA_FAN 3 - any one of these labeled headers. They are all chassis fan headers controlled by the motherboard. Just for uniformity, pick CHA_FAN 1

    Good luck!
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