New build again

Old build. This was best ATI\AMD based.

CPU Fan ~ Zalman 9700nt
GPU ~ VisionTek 4870 512gb
CPU ~ Phenom Quad 9550BE
Mobo ~ M3A79-T Deluxe
HDD ~ Seagate Barricuda 7200 rpm 32mb cache
DVD ROM ~ Samsung forget model, don't matter
RAM ~ OCZ 4gb DDR2 800
Case Fans ~ 3x Enermax Magma 120mm (good ones)
Case ~ Apollo NZXT
PSU - OCZ 800watt forgot what model

This was about $1600. Going to my bro, now I need another awesome setup...this time stronger XD

I got Samsung P2570 70k:1 DC ratio 2ms, might get another one just to match it....but idk 2 monitors seems confusing to work with.

New setup!

SSD ~ New to this, I heard about it. It's better then HDD other than the capacity right? Whats the best ones out there ? I still have plenty to spend I hope :)

Ram ~ I heard you can have 16gb? Real good ones please :)

Case ~ I'll put $400 or so into it, has to look nice too.

Water cooling ~ Yes or no?

PSU ~ Umm...1000watt is good?

CPU Fan ~ Spire Thermax Eclipse II (Best on

GPU ~ 2x Gigabyte 5970 2gb

GPU cooler ~ Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 5870 VGA Cooler

Sound Card ~ ASUS Xonar Essence ST - (got this from wcbeast, I wouldn't spend more then that)

CPU ~ Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition

Mobo ~ Asus Rampage III


SSD ~ *Help*

HDD ~ *Help*

RAM ~ *Help*

Case fans ~ Enermax Magma $13\ea

Case ~ *Help*

Water cooling ~ *Help*

PSU ~ *Help*

Wcbeast is getting "Operating System Hard Drives – 4 x OCZ
Vertex 2 in Raid 0 - $580

Raid Controller to run SSDs – LSI Mega Raid 9260-4i - $330

Hard Drive Storage - Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB x 2 in Raid 1-$180

Why those? SSD and HHD then a raid controller?...I'm rusty at this guys, new to me

If you can throw anything else I'll probably do it, although I might downgrade if I need to.
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  1. You should fill out the following so we know what your doing:

    Your build is seriously overkill for basically anything anyone would need. I do believe this is what you intended though it is not a good choice at this time. When buying 100% high end you should always buy at the right time to avoid looking like a chump.

    For example your idea to get 2 5970s is silly because the 6000 series somes out tomorrow which will lower prices and may offer more performance.

    Also new AMD and Intel CPUs in Q1 next year. These look amazing and will offer way more performance. The new i5s have performance approaching a 980X but with only 4 cores/4 threads and they are only the mainstream models. AMD is coming with 8 core monsters. If you buy the top end of the top end of these you will be running the fastest CPUs available for around 2 years. In another 2 after that you will still be pretty high end. Whereas if you buy a 980X now you will have i5s which cost $300 beating you.

    Wait off on your upgrade and if you can't then get a small PC like an AMD Phenom II X4 and a 5770.
  2. I just got a 5770 for a friend 2 weeks ago or so, its about 10% slower then my 4870.

    I'll wait for the 8 core! Always been a AMD fan for the price and performance, but this time got a bigger budget :)

    TH posted about 6000 series, I forgot about that! It didn't show better specs then the 5970 but I guess its only the lower series. One 5970 is enough but I do like getting the best of something then showing off and of course using it to my advantage. For something like this it would last me more then 2 years.

    I'll wait until more cores come out and 6000 series, while we wait can we work on what I need help on please? I don't know anything about SSD, like for HDD you look for cache, rpm and obviously the capacity...well I did.
  3. That was fast! Literally, I just posted.


    6870 is better then 470, why not post 5970 and 480 to compare? I'm convinced TH has everything, from testing to owning to destroying every new product :)

    Specs don't beat 5970. I'll wait until 6970 comes out.

    Still need help on SSD and others please
  4. Stupid ATI changed the naming scheme, the 6870 is really a 6770. The 6970 will be the 6870. So I'm guessing there will be a 6970X2. These will be released soonish.

    Its good that you don't want to buy yet, its a good decision.

    With SSDs there is not a whole lot to differentiate them. Really you just have to look at benchmarks to see which have the best performance.

    Heres a chart to look at:,2364.html
    It ranks them by various common desktop uses thus being pretty conclusive.
  5. Crucial RealSSD C300 CTFDDAC256MAG-1G1 2.5" 256GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)


    Okay well, sounds good I guess. SSD will be last.

    PSU + Case + Water cooling first then SSD. I'm sure I'll have enough to get 2x SSD. Then 1TB HHD for backup?

    I'll get a deal for ordering big, I got a guy in another city who gives me deals just because he likes a non sexual way :P

    Thanks for helping me :)
  6. Im not even gonna bother helping here
  7. Shutup reaper, if you don't want to help don't post. That simple. If you would actually read the thread I changed the OPs mind somewhat and all he wants to know is about SSDs. Nice spamming, how about getting your posts up legitimately.

    @ OP
    With SSDs you don't generally get large sizes as it is not required. All your files like movies, music, etc will not benefit in the slightest from being on the SSD and therefore putting them on is a waste. On your SSD should only be Windows, most played games and programs if your limited in space (like a 32GB one) or all of them if you have the room.

    I'd suggest the OCZ Vertex 2 100GB, it should fulfill all your space requirements and be very fast but not too expensive. Them grab a Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB for files.

    With water cooling you really have to do your homework, you have to know alot. You can't just go and buy some premade water cooling package. If your not looking to learn then I'd say stick to air cooling and get a nice Noctua or something.

    Glad I could help.
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