Can't use 2 HDD'S!? HELP PLEASE!

So one day I was using my PC then it shutdown,
and when it booted up, my boot drive wasn't being picked up by the Motherboard.
So then I swopped around the ports, and then my Boot drive was picked up by
my Motherboard, but my secondary HDD wasn't being picked up?!

If I swop around ports I can easily make one or the other picked it, but both can be picked up
in all of the ports, so there aren't any broken ports...
I have no Idea how I can fix this, and I need the data on my secondary HDD,
but I can't access it without an OS...

Please help, if you need any more information please ask!

Motherboard - ASRock pro3
Memory - 8 GB 1333 Kingston
CPU - I5 3570
GPU - MSI gts 250
PSU - 450W Thermaltake
Boot HDD - Western digital (320GB)
Secondary HDD - Seagate Barracuda (160GB)

Thanks in advanced Thomas.
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  1. Hello... does the problem follow your Data cable or the power connector to the hardrives? Mark your connections 1 and 2 and try the four different possible combinations, 1-1 1-2 2-2 2-1... Did you see a pattern between these tests with the BOOT drive?
  2. make sure in the bios all the sata ports are on and set to achi mode.
  3. There is always power to the drives, but the connection doesn't come up.
    By 4 different combinations, what do you mean? the ports which they are plugged in?
  4. smorizio said:
    make sure in the bios all the sata ports are on and set to achi mode.

    I don't see how that can be the problem, each HDD works in whatever port,
    they just don't work together..

    Thanks anyway though.
  5. Well I restarted my PC, and suddenly the HDD was found, and all was well???
    Does anyone have a clue what may of caused that?
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