Ive tried everything: Alert! Error Initializing PCI Express NIC Bridge

Well, I've been googling this problem for awhile and have attempted almost everything to try and fix it. I bought a wireless network adapter and honestly just would like the error message to stop coming up every time I start up my computer. I've updated my Bios, turned the Integrated NIC to off and have done every reset and flash to the bios that I could think of but still no luck! (Maybe there is resets I haven't tried?) Could I buy another NIC card and install it? The existing NIC card is installed to the motherboard. Any Help would be greatly appreciated!
My System:
Dell Generation 4 XPS
Bios: A07
Intel Pentium 4 CP3 3.2GHZ
4GB Ram
Windows XPS SP3

Thank you,
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  1. Couild be a faulty nic or an incompatibility issue with the nic, I've had issues with dell and toshiba being not compatible with all wifi nics. normally intel and broadcom chipset nics work fine with dell. certain wireless nics will have power initialisation issues due to soft power switching (fn switch combos or wireless powerswitches) built into certain vendors laptops and only compatible interfaces can be used.
  2. Well, I took the battery out as well as turning it on and off to try and reset it and unfortunately it still gives the error message :pfff:
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