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Hi Everyone,

I have been recently involved in project to create a new cooling system and I'm looking for a specific type of Radiator, preferably 120mm, but here's the tricky part, it needs to be similar to a Car radiator as in it has to have a cap of some kind where liquid can be poured in, any idea's where I could possibly find such a radiator?

I have been looking everywhere and just can't seem to be able to find anything like it, any help or advice in this instance would be highly appreciated.

Much thanks in advance.

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  1. Hmmm I cant say I'v ever heard of that one, does it have a cap of somekind which could be opened to allow liquid to be poured in? and if so, where is the best place to buy it from?
  2. You could use pretty much any small car heater matrix availiable, you could get a reservoir with a cap so it could aid in filling and sealing your cooling system.
  3. Looking for this... http://www.crazypc.com/products/mcr120-res-93180BK.html
    I happen to have one,best to get the bigger one though more cooling.
    You will also need to buy this to mount it on the back of your pc,fits either one. http://www.crazypc.com/products/93424BK.html
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