Hardware failiure(i guess)

Hello there buddies!

As much as i hate asking for help, i'm almost down on my knees destined to commit suicide.

For 2 days, my Desktop PC failed to do me a favour and start.

When i power it on, my hard drive starts spinning, but then fails at some point. Then starts again,fails,starts again, then proceeds to stab me in the heart, while laughing at me with a devillish perpetual sound. I get past the POST screen, but it seems that it wont go past the "Verify DMI Pool Data..." trap of Doom.
I actually recorded the HD failing. Don't know how THAT will help you out guys, but i hope it will.

What i tried:

Removing the CMOS battery.My poor fingernails...
Replacing it back on.

Changing the SATA cables from DVD drive to the hard drive.
(As a note , I have 2 harddrives installed. One is on SATA(large ribbons going out of it), and the other one is on what i think it is called IDE( slim cables, slim plugs....)

The slim cabled(is that a word?) one is a 320 GB hard drive, and i believe that that is the one that's causing me the headaches.

Please ,ask me for more information if you need it. Right now, with my average computer skills (yea yea, i know. We also don't know how to drive)this is all i could gather and share to you guys.

This is the recording of the hard drive's cute song -_-*:


PS!!!: I also get an "Error in starting operating system" message, or "Error occured , press CTRL ALT DELETE to restart" one, both after some time spent on the Verify DMI Pool Data...
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  1. The IDE drive is the one with the wide cable (data) and the SATA drive is the one with the "slim" cable. Do you know which drive was installed first? I only ask because it may be the one that is the issue since the "Verify DMI Pool Data" seems to be occuring on the boot drive. Here are some links that may help:
    Note: I didn't listen to the audio file you uploaded but from your post it appears as though the boot drive is damaged in some way. It could be the Master Boot Record is corrupt.
  2. Thank you very much for the response, Ken!

    First off, the 320 GB one was the first child. I installed it myself.^^ Then came the old 80 GB one. I tried switching them back and forth, from master to slave and vice-versa. Still, nothing happens. The windows is installed on the 80 GB one now, after I had the same problem a year ago.

    I'm currently trying to restore the MBR.

    I tried everything on the "Stuck at Verifying DMI Pool Data" thread, here on Tom's Hardware. Nothing worked.

    The Hard Drive actually starts from time to time, and i can successfully boot up Windows 7. But if I, by any means, try and open any of that hard drives partitions, the PC freezes,and only the programs opened previously work.

    If i reinstall the operating system, the hard drive partially gets fixed. But that lasts only around one month or two.

    I'll come back with some feedback on how the MBR thingie went.

    Thank you again Ken!

    English is not my main language, so sorry for any dumb grammar mistakes.
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