Would programs not installed into a ssd still open fast?

Hey Guys I bought a new SSD (OCZ Vector 128GB) and installed yesterday. But because its only 128gb i thought that i might install all my programs into my HDD and my games into the SSD. So the question is would my programs still open faster if they aren't installed into my SSD?????

(My OS is installed into the SSD)

Early Thanks :)
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  1. no!
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    Games are programs. If games execute and load faster on SSDs (which of course they do), the same goes for other programs. So I would install on the HDD only light software that executes fast enough, like internet browser or VLC. Even on a HDD, they open up in one second. Heavier and "slower" programs (Photoshop, iTunes) should definitely be put on the SSD.
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