Advice on my Gaming PC?


I am going to be selling my PC and I was wondering how much you think it would be worth ? I am heading overseas to live and unfortunately cannot afford to freight all my things there so I have decided to sell this before I leave.


Case - Antec Black Twelve Hundred Gaming Case
Power - Xigmatek NRP-HC 1501
Processor - Intel I7 870
Motherboard - Gigabyte P55 - UD6
Graphics Cards - SLI 2x Geforce GTX 275 (3d compatible)
Memory/Hard Drive - 6 GB DDR3 Corsair Dominator Ram and Raid 0 Config Seagate 1TB Barracuda 7200 rpm

Other Components - Thermaltake Pro 880i Liquid Cooling System, Samsung 2233 120Hz 3D compatible Monitor, Nvidia 3d Gaming Glasses and Kit, Logitech Gamers Pack (G35 headset, G19 keyboard, g9x Mouse, G13 Game Pad).
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  1. youd be lookig around 2,000 for that.. i would go and check all the prices but that a pretty close estimation with out the accessories... its a good system unlucky u cant take it :/
  2. I sell quite a few computers, and $2000 is a little bit steep, especially since it is used (even though it looks quite new still). It really depends how quickly you'd like to sell it - I'd buy it from you for $1000 right now if you want for example. If the market for used PCs is like here in my city, it would probably sit a long time at $2000, at $1500 it might just sit for few weeks, and at $1200 it would sell really quickly. Not sure where you're from or if you've got a friend or someone that wants it already though...
  3. yeh i was talking about australian dollars :/ sorry
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