Borderlands Freezes Infinite loop

I've been trying to make Borderlands work for the last week or so. Every time I play, it freezes, and then flashes to a blue screen saying....

"The problem seems to be caused by the following file: nv4_disp. The device got stuck in an infinite loop. This usually indicates problems with the device itself or the device driver programming".

I have updated my drivers, and tried using older drivers. Both haven't worked. I have tried adjusting my fan speed and over clocking my GPU, but still it freezes while I play the game. Every time it freezes I have to restart my computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mircosoft XP Professional Version 2002 Service pack 3
Dell Optiplex 755
Intel(R) Core (TM) Duo CPU
E6750 @2.66GHz and 2.66 GHz, 3.25 GB of RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT (512.0MB) Integrated RAMDAC
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  1. It could be heat related. Clean the heat sink and fan on the card.
  2. I'd take it a step further I'd remove the heatsink and fan, clean it all off and apply new thermal paste after cleaning off the old paste
  3. cool, I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the advice.
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