I did it!....I think (could my TV be the problem?)

Hey guys. I have a question about why I may be receiving no picture from my new comp.

So, I have just successfully built my first computer thanks to all the advice here on the forums. of right now I am only guessing that my computer works. Everything seems to run fine, I get one beep when turning on like I am supposed to and then all the warning lights remain off. Sounds great, but my TV is not acknowledging that I have anything plugged into the HDMI plug.

I intended to get a nice new monitor for Christmas, but to just use my television as a monitor until then. So, I have no computer monitor in my house. I have a mini HDMI in my Gigabyte GTX 470 running to the HDMI port in the back of my TV, but there is no signal between the two. Is it more likely that something is wrong with my computer, or just that this TV cannot be used to boot my computer into BIOS. Oh, and I have all solid green lights on my GPU.

I am sure there is more information you all need to know to help me, but I am not sure what else to tell as of right now. Thanks for any help you can give. You guys rock.


Cooler Master Haf 922
Intel i7-950
G.Skill 6gb(3X2) DDR31600
Gigabyte GA-X58-UD3R
Gigabyte Super Overclock Series GTX 470
Sparkle Computer Corp Gold Class 1250W PSU
OCZ Vertex 2 120gb
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB
LG Black 10x Blu-ray burner
Noctua NH-D14
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  1. Did you select the correct i/p in the TV ? Also go through this...
    EDIT: Correct link...
  2. Run this checklist, don't skip any steps. If you still are having trouble let us know.
  3. Make sure the tv is on the correct HDMI input.

    lAlso some TVs only allow VGA for Pc input, read the tv manual to make sure you can run the PC on hdmi.
  4. Hey, thanks for the responses. Yeah, I have already gone through every step of the checklist. I had initially gotten warning lights on the motherboard when trying to post, but after going through the checklist it looks like it is doing what it is supposed to do. Just without showing any video. I think daship may be right, unfortunately I don't have my TV manual anymore, so I can't verify. I will try and look one up online and let you know how it turns out.
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    First thing I would check since you already went through the check list is some basic divide and conquer troubleshooting.

    First make sure that you can get something from the HDMI input if at all possible. Do you have any piece of equipment that you know to be working that you can plug into the HDMI port and get a picture?

    If you can get a picture then its almost certainly the computer and not the tv.

    If you can not get a picture from a known good device then try another HDMI port if possible then another HDMI cable. (when installing HDMI cables I used to run into a bad one every now and then).

    Have you ever used the HDMI port on your tv in the past? And I know its silly but really make sure you have it listed on the right input (used to go to many troublecalls where its on the wrong input).

    And you can obtain a online TV manual via the web.

    If it comes down to it just take your computer to a family/friends house with a tv/moniter and check it out on there tv/moniter. Will at least let you know if the problem is your computer or tv.
  6. Ok, so I found the manual for my tv, but this is all it says about it's HDMI
    "Digital Connection
    Supports HD video and Digital audio. Doesn't support 480i.
    Accepts DVI video using an adapter or HDMI to DVI cable"

    So, that doesn't really convey to me if supports PC's or not.

    Ok, if it is the computer and not the connection can someone tell me if this is what is supposed to happen: I turn on the PC, all the fans, lights (including warning lights), etc. come on. Then I hear 1 short beep from the speaker, and then all the warning lights on the motherboard switch off and stay off. The Graphics card has 12 green leds that stay on. Is this indicating everything is working, or is something still wrong?

    If it is the connection and not the computer, could it be a bad HMDI cord (came with the video card)? or a bad input on the video card? I read somewhere that sometimes you have to set your PC to the appropriate screen resolution in order for a TV to recognize it, could this be the problem?

    Please guys, I know this is probably a difficult one without my having the proper equipment (a monitor) to test this out, but I am struggling here.
  7. Alright, so the answer was either the hdmi cable or the TV itself, went and borrowed a monitor from my brother in-law and everything works just fine. Thanks for the advice fellas.
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