Phenom II 965 temp

hi all,
this may seem like a strange question or they not be a answer but what is the LOWEST temp the 965 can go.

At the moment the cpu is 31 on idel and on load it is at 46. This is playing dawn of war 2 on max settings.

I am looking at getting a cooler ( zelman 9900 max ) just for the upgrade, looks and more demanding games like crysis with natural mod.

I am using the antec 902 will air and added the side case fan and inner case fan but these temps are with the fan speeds on low and on max they drop a bit more.

so the reason i ask is their a perfect operating temp for this cpu, i seen some where that cpu's dont like to operate at a too cold temp, is this true.

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  1. I don't believe there is a temperature that's too cold for a PC - I mean, exercising common sense here but if it got ridiculously cold it won't be good. Where you're at now is perfect.
  2. ok at the moment i am only using a 1280x1024 but with in the next few weeks it will be going to a 1920x1080 so will the temps go up then.

    just thought these temps are quite low and didnt want to put a better cpu cooler on and the temps go down and affect the cpu.
  3. Cold temps are fine but you don't want to get below 10*C because then it usually starts to build condensation if you have a normal ~ 22/25*C in the room,(watercooling). Other than that the cold won't have an effect on the processor. The temps you're showing are great. I would run the other games and check those temps before I messed with the current set up. If you want to see how well it does do then run OCCT HERE and see what the temps do. That program will run your processor at 100% for however long you want and show you the current temps of the processor cores and video card while doing it. What ever you get for a max temp during that you will probably never reach during your hardest gaming scenarios so you can be satisfied you have good cooling.
  4. ok i will try that tomorrow and see what the max temps are running at.

    thanks all
  5. hi, dunno if i have done this correctly, anyhow, phenom ii's seem to be able to function at sub zero temps, not sure if its true, there was a mention of using liquid helium, -269c, i dont think this could be possible. the slightest stress on somethin this cold would shatter it.
    But it does seem that AMD stuff as a much wider range (downwards) than intel stuff.

  6. Madmikeiii

    They used liquid helium to reach the world record, I'm pretty sure that is broken now by intel, or another amd chip. Look it up on youtube there is a video, it was done at some kind of conference.

    The chip itself was cooled down to -200c or close to that. The temp of liquid helium is -270c but the chip was throwing off alot of heat, and thus was around -200c
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