Steps to increase the c drive size in windows 7 without formatting

can i increase the c drive size without reformatting?
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  1. Are you planning on getting a new larger drive or are there multiple partitions on the drive that contains volume C?

    If you are getting a new larger drive, you can clone your current drive onto the larger drive. If your current drive has multiple volumes, you can use disk management to expand the volume as long as there is no adjacent partition. You could also use a 3rd party partition manager to try to expand the partition in place. If you plan on messing with the partitions, be sure to make a backup of the drive first just in case something goes wrong.

    Almost forgot the answer... none of these will require a format.
  2. you can extend the partition to get more space but we need more info. do you have more than 1 partition on the drive?
  3. latha_30 said:
    can i increase the c drive size without reformatting?

    What's your OS? Please send more details information about your disk configuration, If your os is Windows 7, vista or 8 the snap-in disk management enables you to extend the system partition when there's some unallocated space next to the C drive, if the unallocated space is not next to the C drive, you could only use other third-party software, such as GPARTED(OSS), AOMEI Partition Assistant Home Edition (freeware), Acronis Disk Director(not free). And you could find them on CNET,

    Note: no matter which third-party software you select, backup your important data is recommended
  4. latha_30 said:
    can i increase the c drive size without reformatting?

    -you can use a second physical drive and mount it in to your c: NTFS.

    - or create a juntion point to map a second drive into a subfolder on your c: partition
  5. latha_30 said:
    can i increase the c drive size without reformatting?

    Check this http://www.***/help/resize-partition.html on:
    How to resize partition with AOMEI Partition Assistant Home Edition

    1. When I resize a partition I first start by defragging the drive to reduce the possibility of errors ocurring when the partition is being resized.... so that is what I would suggest as the first step to achieve the best results.
    2. The second step would be to reduce the adjoining partition (D)... that should leave an unallocated disk space
    3. Then you can extend partition C to the unallocated disk space.

    http:// w w w . disk - partition . com / help / resize - partition . html

    MODERATOR, if you've already read this; apparently only this link is consistently getting broken... so disregard this message. http://www.***/help/resize-partition.html
  6. what ever you do perform a back up , If your not familiar with extending and volumes then don't do it let some one with experiencing help you.
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