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Hey all,

just wondering, is there any where you guys know that i can buy a special carry case for my 5970 - i have a lan party in a couple of weeks and wanna make some jaws drop when that sucker is getting put into my case. most of my friends have no idea I've recently upgraded.
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  1. There are no special carry cases made for GPU's. They are meant to stay inside a cabinet not to carried around. Just use a normal sift bag. That would be enough.

    Sometimes simplicity has more power than flashiness! :)
  2. just go to a hardware store and get a tool case that comes with foam inside so you can custom fit for your card if you want it to look good you can even get the all stainless cases for around 30-50 bucks if its that important to you... but imo I'd just put the card in my rig and not worry about what other people think of it... who cares whats inside its the gamer behind the keyboard that matters, I managed a 2300 rating in wow arenas rocking 4-5 fps with onboard graphics (all i could afford) and i can still dominate most my friends in fps and rts games lugging my old am64 754 socket rig with its whopping 8500gt graphics ... thats righ ti had a whopping $55 to spend on graphics ... i know i am poor >_< don't judge . its a damn nice setup you have i'm envious but its about enjoying using the rig or the joy of building it not some kind of size scompetiton :D
  3. true enough i guess, i also kinda worry about traveling with that card in the
    case because its so big and heavy, i have a 90min drive to get to this
    lan party, and i just feel that with my luck the drive down will damage something.
  4. if just for saftey of the system why not just put it in the box the card came in?
  5. i really think that's what i'm gonna end up doing, google search only comes up with the special editions of the 5970 by xfx be, and asus ares, both of which are around 1200.00....no thanks.
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