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2 pc's, 1 wireless mouse, 1 wireless keyboard,1 monitor.

I want to run two computers and only use one wireless keyboard ,mouse and monitor. I can see the monitor working ok with a kvm switch but how about the wireless mouse and Keyboard. If any one has a idea and maybe a hint to the switch I might use I would appreciate it. I have a weather station wired into the second PC ( Zotac Mag) I wanted a small low power pc to run the weather station because it will be on all the time. Thanks
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    You already answered your own question, a KVM Switch. They have connections for keyboard/mouse/monitor on them.
  2. If I'm using wireless on one pc now where would the wireless device plug into. If I plug the wireless keyboard and mouse into the kvm switch how does the signal get back to the PC?
  3. Can you use one wireless keyboard / mouse and physically swap the usb receiver between the two computers?
  4. I guess I could have two of the same keyboard and mouse that use the same receiver and just put the second receiver in the other pc so I could use the same keyboard. Thanks
  5. But if you have 2 receivers you won't be able to choose which click etc is for which computer, both will react.

    Actually my 'suggestion' was more of a question really.

    Has anyone tried it?

    I've done it with a keyboard cable with no problems, but are there any problems hot swapping a wireless receiver?

    What about delays etc?
  6. I see what you mean. I guess the best way would be to have two different wireless mouse and have one wired ( USB) keyboard.
    That is how I will approach it. One PC is there just for independent Virus scans and the other is there for a weather station running full time. There won't be allot of action on the weather station except for reading logs.
  7. This is a update. I have a KVM switch and I'm now using one monitor, one wireless mouse and one wireless keyboard for two computers and it works great.
  8. Which KVM Switch are you using?
  9. Trendnet TK-209 It came with VGA cables and audio, NewEgg had it on sale for 14.00 free shipping.
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  11. Beware of the newer Logitech keyboards... they've omitted the 'scroll lock' key from their keyboards (which is used by some KVM's) to switch control between computers.

    Their included software also doesn't support mapping another key to remedy the issue.
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