ASUS P8H67 no D-sub dvi

I wanted to use integrated graphic and I think H67 mobos are my options but ASUS P8H67 has no D-sub/dvi ports
is it kind of an exception in H mobos that has no igp?
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  1. Hey,

    The P8H67-V is the one with the IGP. That would be your bet.

    Are you sure you require the H67 instead of the H61. You lose a few things, just make sure your informed. I'm unsure of the price difference.
  2. thanks

    what's the use of an H67 with out a monitor port anyway?

    I'm glad you mentioned H61
    actually it fits better with my needs but the only problem is sata6gb for SSD
    I want to buy a cheap SSD and try this new world of disks, do you think sata3gb is not good enough?
  3. sata 3gb is definitely fast, but it is not going to give you the full benefit of an SSD (especially a high performance one)

    If your MB doesn't come with a sata6gb port, you can always install a PCIe sata6gb card.
  4. If you add a graphics card to the board you don't need the "monitor port". Thats why they don't have them.

    I agree with what is said above.

    Just compare the prices of the two and if you think the H67 is not too much more expensive then go with it. I looked on newegg but they don't seem to have the H61-V.
  5. itzdanielp, I plan to get an ADATA S596 Turbo 32G (budget) which is SATA II, so I think H61 is good enough for me
    but i'm confused about something
    I've heard H61 doesn't support GPU boosting
    are GPU bosting and overclocking GPU two different things?
    I mean boosting is when mobo automatically overclock the GPU, right?
    here in wiki it says H61 does OC

    what's the difference between boosting and overclocking?

    Wolygon, I want to use integrated graphic
    H series are meant to support integrated graphic
    it was interesting P8H67 doesn't even have dvi port

    I'm concerned about GPU boosting now, does it effect a lot?
  6. I believe GPU boosting steals clocks / memory from the system to help with tasks.

    GPU OCing is the process of speeding up a GPU via voltage control and frequency manipulation.

    So for OCing you are actually turning up the speed / performance. GPU Boosting you are just borrowing resources from other places in the computer.
  7. great explain

    do you think Asrock H61M/U3S3 does GPU boosting?
    and does is worth getting an more expensive H67 just because of boosting?
  8. I doubt you would notice a difference between them, although I have not used it so I can't say for sure.
  9. thanks a lot itzdanielp
    I really appreciate your help
  10. no problem :)
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