Connect HTC with Laptop thru wifi for Internet - Help?

I'm not able to connect my HTC Touch to my Laptop thru wifi.
Whenever i add the security key it shows an error "cannot connect to the network. Check your network provider settings and try again.".
Please help me i want to connect my phone and use Internet.

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  1. This your home wifi system ?

    Check that the router doesn't have Access List enabled (filters users in or out by their hardware's unique MAC ID).

    Check router's wireless mode is appropriate to the HTC.

    Also try disabling wireless security while you try to make the connection to the HTC.
  2. thanks for your reply.
    but i thing forgot to mention here is that i want to use my laptop as a wifi hotspot and then connect HTC thru wifi and use net.
    i'm also using connectify to create a wifi hub.. but whenever i try connecting to pc .... HTC shows the above mentioned error..

    please help..
  3. Is your wi-fi card capable of running as a hot spot? Try putting another laptop next to it and connect to your laptop.
  4. hi I got the same problem as yours, but the thing is I can connect my PC through the wifi hotspot via my HTC fone IF I am using "WINDOWs 7" and if I use VISTA it doesn't work... it always denies it... gah... :cry:
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