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Hello, my laptop is ASUS's a windows 7..the problem is my program compatibility has changed..i don't really know what had happened but according to my sister she want to open something using the "OPEN WITH" and she used Window Media Player..when she click it, all the compatibility for Google Chrome, Life Frame, AVG 9.0, Tune Up Maintenance, Microsoft Office had changed to Windows Media Player..So, i can't open any of the program i mentioned above bcoz everything had changed to a media player compatibility, the symbols for each of it also changed to windows media, what's the problem actually and how to fix it??? if u don't really understand what i'm trying to explain, just reply my message and tell me..i'll try my best to explain it to u bcoz i really need to fix the problem ASAP..later, i'll ask my sis back bout what really happened..Thanks for any help..

btw, i've troubleshoot the program compatibility and the issues found was "incompatible application"..
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  1. U could go back in time in the system restore, before it happened.
  2. but how?? ehm, i know nothing bout this..can u explain more where should i go for restoring the system??
  3. U just need to restore to date before that mess happened.
  4. It will not erase any data of yours.
  5. thanks..i'll try it..but will it change any setting in my laptop other than the compatibility?? i'm afraid if all the data lose..
  6. really thanks for ur help..i'll try it now.. :)
  7. ok..i'm really sorry but i can't access the occur to my other laptop where all the program compatibility u have any idea how to visit the link u gave me by using the corrupted laptop??
  8. It will be exactly same like at that date, that u choose. If it is a long time ago, and u have installed some apps in the mean time, u will just re-install them again.

    All the others installed before the date of your choice will be fine.
  9. To use System Restore

    Before you start System Restore, save any open files and close all programs. System Restore will restart your PC.

    Open System Restore by clicking the Start button .

    In the search box, type System Restore, and then, in the list of results, click System Restore.

    If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    Follow the steps in the wizard to choose a restore point and restore your computer.
  10. ok, i got it..i had an access now but the problem now is the page can't be found..the link u gave me only bring me to windows but it said the page u requested can't be found..
  11. Are u trying to open the page by clicking on it here on tom's forum?
  12. Are u retyping or copying the link?
  13. i retyping it..ok, i got it now..sorry for that but now i got another problem..i found the steps and i had followed it..typing the system restore in the search box and clicked on it..but i can't open it, it's also in the form of windows media player where i can't access into it..guess i'll not succeed to fix this sad :( , anyway really thanks for ur help..i really appreciated it..thanks again :)
  14. Can u try to follow this?

    Paste this Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Recovery in windows explorer
  15. owh, i type it back at my crashed laptop..hee~
  16. ok, i'm trying..
  17. Do u know how to Copy and Paste?
  18. wait, u mean pasting it in the laptop i'm using now or u actually want me to retype it in the crashed laptop??
  19. hahaha yeah, i know..
  20. : ), so why are u typing?
  21. well, i copy and paste in THIS laptop but for the OTHER laptop that encountered problem i'm typing it back..why?? does what i had done wrong?? hehe btw, i had try and looks like nothing going to work..i searched for other solutions but still no happy news for me..maybe i should send the laptop to the computer technician to fix it..hehehe :na:
  22. OK, can u go to control panel?
  23. nikorr said:
    OK, can u go to control panel?

    ehm, sorry i log out back then..ehm, yeah i can go to control panel..ok, i'm using the corrupted laptop right, what shud i do in control panel??
  24. Do u see Recovery?
  25. so, this is the real situation sis want to install the skype setup, then i don't know what is it but something like command box appeared that asked you want to open skype using what so she used 'open with windows media player' then everything totally changed except my computer and ebay..FYI, i got access to internet using the ebay icon..all the icon changed to media player..
  26. yeah..i saw it..
  27. The Sys. restore will revert it back. Choose the restore date the Skype fiasco happened : ) And all your programs will be fine too.
  28. now what shud i do?? i clicked recovery then open system restore appeared and i had clicked it but is said that system restore can't start..
  29. ok, i'll try that but is it safe?? i'm just afraid i'm gonna make the situation worst bcoz i'm not an expert for things like this..looks like this is gonna be my last chance before i send it to the technician if fail..haha anyway, thanks for all ur help..u helped me a lot and i can see ur sincerity in helping me.. :)
  30. U might have an infection, that alone is not good. It will not make it worst. It is messed up as it is anyway. It should help to get rid off the problem.
  31. But u need to tell me what are u doing. I am not there. So if u do something, you should tell me about that.
  32. owh, ok..i'll tell u what i do but i don't think so i'm gonna try it now maybe later..
  33. need to gather all my courage to do
  34. Kill the pest : ) It may get worst than better if u do nothing.
  35. Anyway, Can u run Belarc and post the log info, so I have an idea what do u have?
  36. There are few options we can do.

    Do u have any Windows DVD or just a recovery partition on your HDD?
  37. OMG, i'm afraid so i don't have anything u mentioned above..i don't know where did we put all the things came up together with the laptop when it been bought..btw, the link u gave is not working..
  38. ok, my mistake..the link worked..haha
  39. i've downloaded the Belarc and try to run it but it's also in media player format..not supported by media player so can't access it..everything i downloaded will turn to media player format except the songs i think..ehm, gonna fed up :(
  40. Well, find the stuff, but post your laptop model name.
  41. ASUS A42JC
  42. more detail, Notebook ASUS A42JC-VX148V
  43. yup, already..i tried no2 but its not working for me..i'll do no1 after this..
  44. OK, try #1
  45. And whats the problem with #2?
  46. ehm..when i clicked the link for 2, it said i can't access into it..i had tried to register but still the same..
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