Can L2 AMD cache run on a motherboard that uses a L3 AMD cache?

Can L2 AMD cache run on a motherboard that uses a L3 AMD cache?
I need to know because I am trying to build a computer on a limited budget and it would be really nice to know if I could run a L2 cache processor on a L3 cached motherboard.
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  1. I'm not completely sure I understand the question but I think I can help. When determining if a CPU will work with a particular motherboard, the only thing that matter is the socket type. A motherboard does not have L2 or L3 cache. Cache is located on the processor and not the motherboard.
  2. Yes, these two will work together fine. The CPU is a socket AM3 and the motherboard is also AM3 compatible so they will work.
  3. The motherboard says it supports a L3 cache but the processor I want to put in it is a L2 cache will they work with each other?
  4. Okay thanks I appreciate the help.
  5. Ignore any mention the cache on it thats not a good way to checking compatibility, the board will work with the CPU, take a look at the CPU support list for the board on the asus site, it actually supports EVERY Athlon II and Phenom II processor
  6. I checked your link and several others and I don't see anywhere that is states what cache the motherboards supports. WHComp is correct on the cache. The processor uses it to run as a small memory "cache" that's built into it's own die so it's faster. The Motherboard doesn't even know it exists.
  7. Okay thanks very much.
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