Any sites like newegg I can buy from?

I give up with paypal and the fact my address isn't verified, I sent about 5 emails to paypal and newegg telling them this is my address and since I don't own a credit card why can't they just find another way, but havn't been fun, almost at my breaking point, so I thought (maybe there's a good online site like newegg that will ship to me even if I am not verified) Sadly I do not belive this is a site, because (after reading for about 2 days now) it somehow affects insurance or something like that.

So does anyone know a GOOD! site, not some weird site no one's heard of, that I could use?

basically paypal gave me 3 options.

1. use a credit card *nope*
2.sign up for their credit card *not available to me, in canada*
3. request a mail code to be sent to me *account needs to be 90 days old mnies not, and it may only be available to the us*

Can't remember what newegg told me but it didn't help.
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  1. Try and
    NCIX will price match, both will ship to canada.
  2. I have a verified address so I am not sure if they will ship to an unverified address, but you could try
  3. Siderwindercomputers, FrozenCPU, performance-PCS, tigerdirect, compUSA, microcenter, all those sites gives you the option to buy outside of the USA using western union or wire transfer.
  4. amazon seem's way more expensive then newegg, same with tigerdirect, I am still looking at the sites thou thanks guys.
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