CPU fan spins, but no boot, display, beeps or keyboard flahes

Hi all, I have a gigabyte motherboard GA-71xe4 that I have been trying to get up and running. I have the mobo manual and i've checked for anything that could cause a boot error like this (overclocking, mis-configured pins, etc.). No onboard speaker and I haven't been getting any beeps from the speaker I have connected to the SPK pins or keyboard light flashes. I have a wide variety of graphics cards, power sources, ram cards hard drives and most everything else you could connect to that mobo, so I'm open to any suggestions anyone has. I'd say i'm intermediate at troubleshooting, so I can probably understand and execute most suggestions. I have an AMD duron processor currently installed and a spare AMD Athlon of the same socket type. I have tested it on separate times with one stick of pc 100 (32mb, 64 mb and 128mb) and pc 133 ram (128mb and 256mb). I have tried AGP, PCI and even ISA video cards as it doesn't have an onboard port. I don't see any swollen or crusty capacitors on the mobo, but haven't desoldered them yet to test. I would be happy to post any more information anyone asks of and would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you all very much. Motherboard manual: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=1364&dl=1#manual
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  1. Run this checklist, don't skip any steps. If you still are having trouble let us know.
  2. Pay close attention to #2 in that checklist.
  3. I followed the entire checklist last night before I posted. And the mobo I am working on doesn't have the 4-pin power port on it.
  4. I just bought a PCI BIOS post card and when I turn the motherboard on (I did this with nothing but the power, processor and with and without RAM) the post card does nothing but perpetually cycle through test codes and doesn't actually post a concrete code. I've tested the post card on another working computer and it works correctly. I'm still stumped on this one.
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