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Hello sorry if I'm in the wrong section but here it goes...

After finally getting my gaming rig updated this holiday season, I'm left with a few items that I am in need of recomendations for. I have a Razor deathadder and want a good gaming surface, I've seen the Razer one for about $35 has anyone tried it?? I also need a cheap headset with mic that I can use for BFBC2. Finally I would like a rec for a gaming keyboard although this is a harder sell for me and im not sure how it would make my play better in fps'. After upgrading my mouse to a death adder I felt like there was a huge difference from my 10 logitech mouse, and now I feel like I need a nice surface to go with it, and an upgrade from my $15 logitech keyboard. So again: Mouse pad, headset, kboard...... thanks a lot
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  1. well im still out there looking for a gaming keyboard if anyone has any suggestions for around $50-60, I don't care about many macros, just good functionality
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