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Sapphire ATI HD 5770 FPS drop and Low Core Clock Issue

Hello everyone.I bought a Sapphire ATI HD5770 1gb gddr5 . My Current cofig is C2D E8400 3.0GHz, 2GB ddr2 ram, Intel DG31PR Motherboard and Thermaltake TR2 500W Power supply and samsung T200 20inch monitor. After installing the card, I noticed 2 problems. There’s a slight lag/sudden drop in fps while playing some games, very slight lag but its noticable. Specially some old games like NFS mostwanted, TDU, css, and GTA4 EFLC the lag is too high. On the other hand, in some new games like, Split second, blur, Mafia 2, Splinter Cell conviction, Grid(though this one is old) its barely noticable. I tried doing the following things>

1. Updated the Ati CCC to the latest one
2. Re-Installed Windows 7
3. Tried with different settings of catalyst A.I
4. Different video/graphics settings

But still problem is there. Need help!!

Another problem is, my card’s default core clock is 850MHz and Memory clock is 1200MHz, yesterday I checked with both GPUz and MSI after burner , when playing games memory clock goes up to 1200mhz but, Core Clock is MAX 500MHz only, never goes more than this!! At Idle core clock is 157mhz and memory clock 300mhz. and core clock/memory clock fluctuates between idle and maximum while playing games, which is really weird. I tried to change the core clock to 852Mhz from msi afterburner, but the clock changed to 600Mhz only in games. Noticed Same problem in each and every game. I didn’t notice any other problem. Card's idle temp is 46-51 degree and 56-61degree when at load. Please let me know if this is an issue with the card or some other settings? And I need to know the exact reason so that i can claim my warranty. thanks
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    try the older driver like 10.3 or 10.4, those are the most stable drivers for now...

    if that's not help then RMA your card, it seems like you got a bad card...
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Like wa1 said,try older drivers too, also make sure that your 3D clock speeds are 850/1200 in the Catalyst profiles,here is how to check
    1_Open CCC and choose Overdrive tab,unlock the settings(by clicking on the " Gold Key" icon)
    2_Go top options,profile and choose profile manager.
    3_In the composition tab,choose "The following settings" and in the "ATI Radeon HD 5900 series"make sure only ATI overdrive is checked.
    Then enter a profile name,then save and close it(Do not activate).
    4_Go to C:\Users\Your UserName\AppData\Local\ATI\ACE\Profiles (Its hidden so make sure you unlock hidden files and folders)
    5_Open the profile with wordpad and under "Feature name="CoreClockTarget_1">" and "<Feature name="MemoryClockTarget_1">" you should have these 2:
    <Property name="Want_2" value="85000" /> (for the first one) and
    <Property name="Want_2" value="120000" /> (for the second one)
    If its anything else,then set it to these numbers.
    Save the changes and close.

    6_Open CCC,in options tab go to profiles,profile manager and choose the profile that you saved before and then click on Activate and close.

    Now play a game and check your 3D clocks again.
  3. THanks for your replies.

    @wa1>i tried changing the drivers, still the lag thing is there. it lags in the games, each and every game :(

    @Maziar> i did what u said. after doing that the memory clock remains constant at 1200MHz, but the core clock is still stuck at 500Mhz, i m really confused what to do with this card

    I bought the Thermaltake TR2 500W with the Graphics, can it be a problem of the power supply? or any problems with my motherboard? is there any way to check it out?
  4. I don't think that its your PSU/Motherboard's problem, but its possible.
    Do you have any other systems to test your VGA in it ?
  5. no i don't have a system but i have another card (nvidia 9500gt) but i don't think it will do any good. i will be testing the card in my friends system soon.
  6. i have the same card runs great with ccc 10.8 that ive noticed. could the low ram be the problem? not sure what the deal is with mine havent looked it up yet but i get horrible lag and test scores in lower res but 1080 is perfect. maybe that could be your case to also i noticed bumping up my cpu from 3.1 to 3.5 makes a worthwhile difference while playing games
  7. allexnewton said:
    no i don't have a system but i have another card (nvidia 9500gt) but i don't think it will do any good. i will be testing the card in my friends system soon.

    9500GT is slower but its good to test it to see if it works fine or not.
    Anyway let us know when you tested your VGA in your friend's rig
  8. ok. i checked it in my friends rig. he has a gigabyte p35 motherboard. with thermaltake toughpower power supply. same issue there. the tearing remains. core clock locked at 500Mhz. so i went to the sapphire dealer in here and claimed for a change. lets see what they do.
  9. They'll probably give you a new one if they can't fix it.
  10. uninstall smart doctor and gamer osd then its sorted (Fannels)
  11. OK the card had some problem , i don't know with what, but they gave me a 5850, had to pay some extra. thank u very much every one for the help. moderators please close the topic :)
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