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Plugging any external drive of any size into the USB 3.0 ports on my new computer causes my computer to hang on bootup. The same drives, when plugged into my USB 2.0 ports do not interfered with bootup. Unplugging them and rebooting allows normal boot, then plugging them back in after Windows boot-up allows them to work normally. My BIOS is set to boot from the hard drive first...but it does not when the drives are in the USB 3.0 ports. How can I overcome this with a permanent fix?
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  1. have external usb drives plugged in before you power on...turn the pc on...go to bios...go to boot and have the internal os drive as first one to boot from. what's happening is your pc is recognizing the external hard drives and its changing your boot order automatically but you can change that like I said above
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