Noctua NH -U12P Cooler and i7-920 Temps too High

I just completed my first build a few months ago and hope to get it stable with overclocking to 4.0ghz.
I have an Asus P6T mb, i7-920 2.67 ghz. processor, Corsair 12 gig 1600 DDR3 ram (3x4gig), Corsair 750w 750TX PSU, and a Noctua NH-U12P cooler running with 2 fans in push-pull configuration. I also have a Lian-li PC-61 case.

I think I have everything installed correctly, I used a thin layer of Artic Silver over the whole CPU, I have the cooler screwed down firmly, both fans are going the right way in push-pull fashion, and I have the case fans set to highest speed.

While running CoreTemp, I am currently at 45, 41, 45, and 42C at idle load, and show lows of 42, 40, 45, and 41 and highs of 54, 51, 55, 54C. When I ran Prime 95 at 4.0ghz it crashed right after starting, and at 2.67 ghz at full load torture test the highs were upper 80s. Is there anything I can do to get these temps down? I was told they were a bit high. Thanks. Tom
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  1. I would try removing the heatsink, cleaning the CPU and heatsink, and then reinstalling. Those idle temps are only probably going to drop about 10C even with the perfect setup so it's not like you are reaching a dangerous level.

    For the overclock, start lower, don't jump from 2.67 right to 4.0Ghz. start at 3.0 and make sure that is stable then increase.
  2. Thanks for the help. ;) Tom
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