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Hello i am English and am currently on my half term and am researching my first computer build, however i am not fantastic when it comes to hardware, but need to start somewhere, and hopfully this will improve my understanding and skills.
i want to make a high end gaming system.
Budget- £1400 ish for everything
I just need some help for some ideas of what components/ makes are good, what to look out for, what things are not compatible. etc
Also would help if i could have a list of everything i will need, and a set up list that i could base mine on.
will i need cables and if so what ones?
thanks i hope someone can help because its alot of money and a i don't want to spend it on a system that isn't as good as it can be.
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  1. Welcome - we have a standard template to help us help u better :P
  2. Approximate Purchase Date: ASAP

    Budget Range: £1400 Total

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: huge music collection of 500GB gaming, internet, watching movies, )

    Parts Not Required: I need everything starting from scratch

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: no preference

    Country of Origin: UK, essex

    Parts Preferences: just good quality, maybe intel

    Overclocking: Maybe

    SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

    Monitor Resolution: whatever is needed please recommend

    Additional Comments: wouldn't like the case to be massive as my university room is not very big

    there you go Batuchka thanks, not sure this will help too much
    but im pretty open minded about what i get
  3. No render/encode this project really can be concluded at a lower price point ^^

    Off EBuyer UK

    Tower 630 quid, USB/SATA 3.0, CF capable, HD 6850 based

    24" LCD 139 quid
    OS 72 quid
    Logitech X240 2.1 speakers 33 quid
    KB+Mouse USB wired 7 quid

    881 quid in total ^^

    HD 6850 single & CF review
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