P5G 41T-M LX3 problem

I need to disable on-board memory, could somebody please help me?
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  1. on-board video, my bad
  2. I need to install drivers, all the tutorials i have watched say that i have to disable the on-board video.
    Sorry english is not my first language.
  3. Well the problem is that i cant install them:D! In Device Manager it shows that Standard VGA Graphics Adapter cannot start.
    Im gonna go and take a look at the bios and find integrated video.
  4. There was no integrated video and i made a picture of my problem.
  5. Im installing Nvidia Geforce 8600 old but yeah:D, I have already looked it about 100 times:D. I really have no ideas what to do anymore.
  6. Okay, but do i have to connect the monitor to the graphics card because when i do it i get no signal.
  7. Okay gonna try now.
  8. oh, still nothing
  9. I just cant get a signal to the monitor with the graphics card
  10. it doesnt have external power
  11. it doesnt have any other inputs but the card just worked with my old motherboard
  12. well okay but thanks for helping.
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