Double vs triple channel: running multiple stuff at once

Hello guys. I want to upgrade my mobo/cpu/memory kit and im looking for something that can last for many years without feeling "slow"

I once was looking at the 1366 socket intel i7-950 but with the new release of the sandy bridge cpu i am very tempted to buy the new intel 1155 socket cpu i7-2600.

My question is: Does triple channel help to run more applications at once? For instance, encoding while playing games (in order to stream).

I havent found a review that tests running multiple applications at once. They only focus on 1 at a time and syntetics tests.

-Is double-channel enough for my needs?
-Will triple-channel become a factor in the future?
-Do you think that the upcoming 1356 can exploit the triple channel bandwidth better?
-Should i rather wait for the 1356 socket cpu or the bulldozer from AMD?


Well i am not getting much response on this thread... lets discuss the theory of this.
Having a higher memory bandwith, in theory, will make more memory bandwith available for the CPU to use.
This will let the CPU make more read/write operations in less time.
Now, i am assuming that the CPU that supports triple channel (eg. lga 1366 socket) will be capable of using the whole bandwith, correct?

So, in theory, the more software you have running in paralell the more read/writes you need, correct?
And finally, in theory, triple channel should help me to run more stuff at once more smoothly, right?

Now, i am curious if the CPU can actually use more than dual-channel bandwidth while doing other operations rather than read/write. Most syntetic benchmarks that favor triple-channel do single operations like just read or just write.

Will i ever (near or far future) be capable of using the whole bandwidth in real life situations? like the one i wrote above.
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  1. It would help to know what you are using the computer for to know if you would benefit from triple channel RAM. As far as being able to run multiple programs, this is going to be more based on how much RAM you have than how fast it is. The triple channel will allow those programs to run slightly faster, however, you will not be able to run any more programs.

    A budget would also be nice for your build. The triple channel is without question better, but depending on your budget it may not be worth it.
  2. LGA 1366 is going to be replaced by LGA 2011 soon. The LGA 1156 is already being replaced by 1155. What is your budget and what is your heart set on getting. If you are planning on playing a game and doing video encoding at the same time, you will want as much bandwidth as you can get, not to mention a board with SATA3 and you will want to have 2-4 hard drives all with different uses. Like Windows running from 1 (hopefully an SSD), your programs running off another, your games and or encoding running off another too. Even if you got the fastest CPU in the world, paired with the fastest video card and triple channel memory... if you are streaming, encoding, and trying to play a high end video game... having a slow hard drive or running too many things off one hard drive is going to bottleneck your performance in a way the CPU and Memory can't make a difference on!

    And if you are like some people I know... trying to encode a video and play Crysis Warhead at the same time... better have all SSDs installed into the PCIe slots... cause you are going to bog everything down doing that! :o
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