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i have an hp pavilion elite hpe-112y desktop the current motherboard i have is this ----->

it currently has a amd phenom ii x4 925, 8gb of ddr3 memory, a EVGA 440 gt.
does anybody have any idea what motherboard i could swap this all over to without affecting anything. and also if you could suggest a motherboard that has more than one pci express 2.0 slot that would be nice.
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  1. i want one with two pice slots just incase i ever wanna do sli or crossfire or something. and i allready upgraded the power supply to a 1000w antec.
    i have no price range and preferred board would be asus or gigabyte.
  2. You're constrained to micro ATX form factor motherboards.

    The only one with two PCI Express 2.0 x16 @ x16/x0 when using a single graphics card or @ x8/x8 when using two graphics cards is (in CrossFireX only. No SLI support.):

    MSI 890GXM-G65 for $121.99

    Your Phenom II X4 925 Deneb HDX925WFK4DGI is on the MSI 890GXM-G65 CPU Support List:
  3. werner123 said:
    Don't worry about the x8/x8 operation speed of the pci bus you will not notice a performance decrease, unless you run synthetic benchmarks but it's only numbers, real world performance is more important.

    @ko888 Why is he constrained to M ATX MOBOS? surely that case got mounting holes for ATX form factor. Unless you think It'll be to cramped in there.

    If you actually look at the back of an HP Pavilion Elite HPE-112y Desktop PC you will immediately see that there are only four expansion card plate covers. That's absolute proof that the case only supports micro ATX form factor motherboards. Doing a straight swap-out would require replacing the existing motherboard with one of the same size.

    A full ATX form factor motherboard has seven expansion card slots.

    x8/x8 does matter if you're running at very high resolutions (i.e. above 1920x1080) with multiple monitors using EyeFinity.
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