Some noob questions.

Hey guys, Hoping you can ask some of my nooby questions.

I have a Qx9650 processor. I do not plan on overclocking and want to know what temperatures I will be safe in.

Intel's site says 65 degrees is "critical" now is this the cpu temp or the core temp?

Does TJ max mean the max temp of the cores or the max temp of the processor?
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  1. Core temp. Your cpu has 4 cores, but it only uses one or two at a time for most applications. If your board has a shutdown temp in the bios, set it at 70c. And remember that all the cores will have different temps due to load. Coretemp lists 2 cores with my i3, and the temp varies constantly between 30-42c. It's cool where I live right now, so temps are low; they will rise at least 10c by the summer.
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