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I've had my desktop PC for about 5 years now and it's just recently started crashing on me. Every time I play a game or watch a video my PC will crash. Then when I turn it back on there will be thin white lines all down my screen on the loadup. When it gets just before log in the screen will go black and nothing else will happen. I can boot up my computer in safe mode and when I disable the graphics cards I can restart my computer and load it up fine (however I cant play games or watch films) but when I enable my graphics cards my pc will crash again.

I have installed up to date drivers and have also tried a complete system reboot. I have also tried running virus scans but my computer scans clean (and I never downlaod anything apart from relaible software sources like apple). I have checked the tempreature and that seems normal. On another forum they talked about overclocking but I bought my pc from pcworld and have had no work done on it since then.

I have a dual graphics card, 2 geforce Nvidia 7600 gt, I'm not sure what the exact technical term is but there two of them in there and they are working together. It only appears to be one that is broken as when I enable the first one my pc runs fine but when I enable the second when it crashes. However it still won't let me play games or videos with only 1 for some reason.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be or are my graphics cards just knackered?
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  1. Are you sure its not a heat problem? Old cards and age = dust. Monitor your temps and fan speeds with MSI Afterburner.

    Next what PSU do you have? It could be going bad.
  2. Hi,
    Thanks for replying to my post I've been looking everywhere for an answer.

    I'm pretty sure its not a temp problem, that was my first thought and I've given the inside a thorough clean and turned my fan speed up. I've tried using msi afterburner but it says there is no compayible hardware. I can't enable my graphics cards at the moment as it = an instant pc crash. I will try again in the morning when the computer is cool and see if that makes a difference.

    My PSU is an FSB Group Inc, model #: FSP400-60-PNA-E(PF)
    input: 220v-230v
    max output power: 400w

    Hope that is the information you need.

    Many Thanks
  3. Just got MSI to work the tempreature looks normal.
  4. Hmmm, if the two cards are connected across the top then they are SLI'd, and if the second one is snafuing then you should remove it and the drivers for both if needed,look in add remove for info as to wether there are/is more than one instance of drivers and go from there...you might consider getting some assistance as two heads are better than one.........:)
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