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Asus 5870 matrix

hey guys previously thanks for the attention
i have been having a problem with my matrix.It used to work well somehow it turned to safe mode and i cant have any screen on my monitor.There is a green light winking.Dont know what to do.I think its an issue related to my psu but it makes this doubtful that it was working probably.It says in the manual you have to 12v/40 amp.I have 12 v/50 amp.I think it can draw 450 from these channels while it needs only 189 at heavy loading.I think its quite enough for this card even they recommend a 600w moreover my system is not so high end,Amd with three cores.2gb ram...

PSU:(550w Certificated 80+ Highpower Absolute)

What is the problem?How can i make my card work again?THANK YOU
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  1. So you can boot into safe mode? But regular Windows doesn't have anything on the monitor? Do you see the POST? What Windows version are you using?

    I had an issue where it would POST and show the windows 7 splash screen, but as soon as it got to the login screen the video would go blank. Booting into safe mode worked. Uninstalling drivers did nothing, eventually I had to reinstall Windows 7 and then it fixed it. I don't know what the problem was. If you have a similar issue try rolling back (system restore).
  2. no buddy,i am with my bros laptop now.I m trying to solve the problem,I see nothing on desktop screen-dont know if it depends but i connect it by hdmi*
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    Have you tried resetting the CMOS? (turn off/unplug PSU, then either jump the CMOS or unplug the battery for a minute)

    If you can, try a different connector. Make sure all your cables are firmly attached. If possible it would be good to try a different PSU. Sometimes they do die, afterall.
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  5. I guess it worked, then? Grats :D and ty for selection
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