Building PC's from scratch- may I please ask for opinions and help?


I have not done the later in a while, it has been years, but I caught up on all the tech in a few weeks. The last pc I built was hardly used for anything like that, (gaming that is), so I want to ask some question on build. This is mainly for gaming and other tasks, just so you know.

I have a friend who wants me to build him a pc. Since I am going to I might as well at the same time build myself one also, I may also have to build more pc's too. He may be on a budget but I do not know what that is, or how much he is willing to spend. I'll try and create one and say he is limited to 700-800 dollars. This does not really matter though, but let me get on with what I want to say.

I looked and noticed the strange activities of ATI and NVIDIA, it is not like I have not gamed on the pc... it is just that I have been out of the loop. I was at a point where I did not simply care about gaming or building pc, or anything, something got me back into it, so where I am! Though I noticed a lot of activity with cards, one thing is for sure, I want to make sure he and I get AMD cards. There is a lot to pick from. I would not even go through this mess if AMD did not release so much of them, I may consider getting one of the 8600 series cards... this all depends though.

Based on my friends build I was thinking of this (yes he is clueless -.-, I might as well make stuff up for him as I go along):

CPU processor:INTEL

Mother boards: ASUS


Power Supply Mod/not mod? (I have an issue right here I know what power supplies to get, but here is always the tricky part I want to know what you guys think) I was thinking of a corsair one, which is decent in price and supports sli and Crossfire, even if he or me may not have the option for crossfire or sli atm we may want to in the future, so it is good to be prepared. What PSu's would you recommend? 750 watt 700, 650?

Corsair or Crucial? (i'll explain why I listed this one)

really do not know about the memory just want to make sure.

500GB-1TB depends this is one I want answers on and if raid or what. I do not now the benefits and if it can be done, or should I say should be done.

6850? 5850/5870? price drops in case there are any?

Misc accessories..
sound card? wireless adapter? fans cooling,

Cool master case?
or are there better cases?

Optical dvd burner drive?

Now here is the main problem

I5 series intel: I5 661 I wanted to get a processor that was decent for the both of us so I picked this. I looked all around and noticed there was not really a need for me to look at the I7's yet. I am not looking for gaming like that, but just so he can play games and I when I get to creating mine.

the ASUS EVO AND PRO both have an integrated graphics/GPU BOOST on them. The Evo also has crossfire, if any of you look at both of those boards you will see a difference between them and the specs they have, and amount of details. I was thinking it would be ok to use the I5 661 with the asus intel specific board for the processor gpu and the on board gpu, along with the potential of using an AMD Graphic card. I was also thinking of adding probably 8gb of ram nothing more than that atm. with Windows 7 64 bit.

Based on what I just explained do you guys see anything wrong, or improvements to be made?

Remember based on my friend he is on a budget but either way, the I5 stays and probably the ASUS M pro, unless you know of other mother boards which have the same type of features.

I want to know every ones advice, and what you all think. I want to see all there is I can add and stuff, or what other accessories I may be missing but have not mentioned.

I'd appreciate any type of advice~!

Thank you for taking your time to read this.
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  1. For that price range, I recomend:

    Core I5 750 cpu
    P55 mobo
    HD5770 gpu

    The I5 661 onboard graphics will be rough to play games on if you are using any mainstream resolutions. (1680x1050). The I5 750 is a quad core processor and will deliver better all around performance.

    Or check out this link for a $750 gaming pc,2578.html
  2. AMD Phenom II X6 1075 & Asus AMD 870 SATA 3/USB3 mobo: $314.98

    OCZ 550W Modular PSU and Samsung 1 TB HDD: $114.98

    Mushkin Enhanced Blacklline 4 GB DDR3-1600 RAM: $83.99

    Sapphire HD6850 1GB video card: $179.99

    Its shocking how fast those have been selling out: Gigabyte and Power Color models are already done!

    Rosewill Destroyer case: $39.99

    4 Additional fans, Blue LED: $14.99

    LG DVD Burner: $16.99

    total $775.91
  3. cjp3212006 said:
    For that price range, I recomend:

    Core I5 750 cpu
    P55 mobo
    HD5770 gpu

    The I5 661 onboard graphics will be rough to play games on if you are using any mainstream resolutions. (1680x1050). The I5 750 is a quad core processor and will deliver better all around performance.

    Or check out this link for a $750 gaming pc,2578.html

    Thanks for the replies, I really liked them. You recommend an I5 regardless, sorry I probably did not mention it in my original post. There will be an HD radeon graphics card in it, I just do not know if I should wait on a price drop, Highly doubt this will matter, HD5850, and 5870, do not look like they will be dropping any time soon, then there is the matter with the 6850, and the 6870. The only ones I'd consider looking into is ,5850,5870,6850, and 6870, (later of which is cheaper). As much as a budget the 5770 is there is a reason i'd pick this last. There is a way me and my friend can make certain savings and deals, so we may just go that route, He was complaining to me that black friday is coming and he would not mind stopping at the closets compusa/micro center and look if there are deals. In the end it does not matter, that is it pretty much.

    Concerning what was said about the graphic on board the I5 661... the ASUS has gpu boost. I was thinking it would be a plus having on board graphics/I5 661, and an HD radeon 5xxxx, or 6xxxx series. If I made it seem like I did not want to add a video card I did not mean it like that, I assumed that the graphics would help the game, or other applications like a browser and what ever else I open.

    I was under the assumption you could have it on along with the graphic card running.... in a way it looked like a decent sli/crossfire config until I could get one really working for me and my friend.

    So could everyone please add more advice :D, and or info regarding this I'd appreciate it.
  4. I listen btw just want more info, that I5 661 btw is also a HTPC processor.
  5. Yikes I may have found my answer concerning the IGP and a discrete card, it seems both can not be on at the same time thanks to the intel chip set >_>. They need to get moving on this stuff, and at least create an Intel I5 and I7 that is quad core and supports IGP graphics, that can run at the same time with x2+ SLI or crossfire set up, or at least 1 discrete card.

    So I do not mind more suggestions, I am going to look into a new board and processor whether amd or intel.
  6. I would go with AMD Phenom ii x4 970. This cpu will SCREAM! $180.99)
    AsRock is made by ASUS $149.99:
    ATI and AMD have "FUSION" which is awesome. It will save you money, and maybe you could buy a SSD HDD.
  7. I was thinking of that, really does not matter if I pick Intel or AMD, phew...

    that looks nice.
  8. Yeah, I guess the best thing about AMD is their prices for really great performance. I forgot to mention, I would go with a ATI 5850 or 5870, your choice.
  9. What type of case would you recommend?

    this case:

    is there a huge difference between these two? I am only concerned with air flow and cable management >_<.
  10. OCZ 550W Modular PSU and Samsung 1 TB HDD: $114.98 [...] mbo.514469

    this deal screwsqrl showed looks interesting but I really do not like the size of the PSU... either way I may no be able to take advantage of that deal. Seeing as my friend is waiting on November to buy peripherals.

    I just like looking at the main parts.... AMD,INTEL, MOBO,PSU, Memory, Case, GPU, then I worry about the misc peripherals.
  11. I wouldn't go less than 700W PSU
  12. Yeah I might as well get a full tower... I liked those 120 mm roswill fans though might as well buy four and try and stick them in what ever tower I need. I hope those are not only limited to the roswill destroyer model :P.

    Reason that poster recommended them is that it is cheap and efficient. those four extra fans would be placed where they need to be on the side, at the top and on the bottom.

    I like Cool masters HAF cable management but not interested in it something is turning me off and it may have to do with price.

    and yeah the HDD and PSU are not worth it atm lol.. only for a combo deal, but I am certain if I go to compusa, or micro center where I love i'll find a nice deal on peripherals either way, that is the least of my worries.

    It is the case and the main components since it is the case that determines if a system will last long or not, (it's air flow). Mid tower is out of the question, unless it is Cool master HAF 922, or something similar to it.... the destroyer is close but no cable management kills it.


    Never mind Cool master it is... Depending on the CPU I am getting, (AMD OR INTEL), I will want a fan for it, one of those copper, heat sink fan types.

    Can I ask the difference between intel I5 750 quad core and an I7? I am certain intel probably lasts longer, but is there issues over clocking?

    I used to have a AMD tower and it broke but I was not the one who built it at the time but I did upgrade it... that was a long time ago before everyone jumped on the multi core bandwagon and the single cores got really cheap.
  13. Actually it's my experience that the bigger the fan is better for exhaust and smaller fans are better for intake. just a theory ;) Yeah, I would go full tower. I have an Apevia X-Navigator. It has a 110 or 120 mm fan on the back for exhaust and 3 80mm fans I use for intake. Also my Zalman 9700 has a 110mm fan. There are probably some cheaper cases that are full tower.

    AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz 4 x 139.99

    AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz 4 x 159.99


    AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 200$
    AMD Phenom II X4 3.5 ghz 180$

    Yeah might as well pick one of the Phenom II's 3.2-3.5

    Now to worry about Mbo and if there is a decent priced one that is crossfire ready...
  15. Yeah I'll probably look into those case.
  16. Thank you every much I am so glad I listened to people online, probably would have made a grave mistake.

    AMD Phenom II x6 1090T

    Why am I hearing so much things about 6 core and gaming graphics that a core like this is really not needed or bad because it has 6 cores? If I were able to get a x6 core processor would that not be better than the regular AMD Phenom II 965/970 Black edition. This is concerning the older versions of the AMD Phenom II x6 series too an example :

    I was reading old threads here from the internet concerning I5/I7/, and Amd Phenom II x4 compared to x6 T series 55-90, this is why I asked.

    gskill this one comes with some 40-50mm ram fan

    where can I find a g-skill 40-50mm ram fan?
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