Are Voltage Regulator Heatsinks Required?

Okay I know they are for your GPU's RAM, but I wanted to install the arctic cooling accelero on my sapphire ati 5870, and the cooler does NOT come with any heatsink regulators, can I keep the STOCK ones on and just install the gpu cooler itself?

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    The cooler is actually a kit consisting of the GPU heatsink, 2 smaller ram heatsinks with thermal pads and a voltage regulator heatsink with a thermal pad. Which exact one did you get?

    But can I install the GPU cooler with out replacing the RAm heatsinks? I got the accelero xtreme plus, it does not come iwht nay ram heat sinks
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    Didn't you get the kit for the 5870?

    Nope, it did not come with any! 8( I wonder if I have to buy the arctic kit, or if theres a different company that makes kits that will work, because the arctic kit its only at like ebay and frozen cpu and costs a lot for shipping, hmm, wonder if newegg has anything.
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    You get the artic kit for the 5870. Ok its the one your talking about just made for your specific gpu because the PCB differs from series to series with the gpus

    yap its the right one:,%20VGA%20Heat%20Sink%20-%20ATI%20HD58xx,48xx,3
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    Yeah its that one it was a bitch with the 4780x2 lol ok its a big card it went over my Sata ports but it dropped the gpus temps by 30 and you know that card runs hot!

    mine goes over the Sata ports also! 30 degrees? In idle huh? thats insane
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