Need help with a 6-700 dollar rig

So I've spent about 6-10 hours on newegg trying to build a gaming computer, and I've found quite a few good combo deals, but I feel like I'm not too understanding between the differences in mother boards, and amd/intel, but I am leanining towards an intel because I hear I5 is betterwith the pcsx 2, and I bought a HP quadcore with 6 gigs, but it felt slow, and would barely run starcraft 2, so I took it bag and am buying a newegg comp today, and thought I'd come here for advice.

I'd prefer to spend low 6's but can do 700 barely... I do not need a graphics card, I'll get one around my birthday, which is near black Friday.. please help me out!! Do I want an i5, or a ii x4 or x6, I'd appreciate any help or builds anyone can help me with. Thanks for taking the time to read this, sorry for my typing, this is a cell phone post.
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  1. For $700 there is no need to deprive yourself of a decent GPU in there and SC2 does better with an X2 preferably 2.5 but better 3ghz as our very own forums' recommendations and GPU would depend: high/ultra? no AA/AA?

    Here is a sub $700 USB/SATA 3.0, Crossfire capable and HD 6850 based gaming rig


    HD 6850 single/CF review
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