HD-587A-CNF9 any benchmarks ?

http://xfxforce.com/en-gb/products/graphiccards/HD%205000series/5870.aspx ( 512 bit , 2gb of memory )
i didnt find any 5870 card that has 512 bit memory width than the xfx ... asus , his , msi , gigabyte all have 256 bit ... can this make the difference in hi-res 1080p , 16xaa , etc ...
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  1. I doubt it has a 512bit memory bus that that is determined by the GPU and isnt something an OEM can switch up, it should have the same 256 bit bus as all of the other 5870s, someone probably copy pasted specs from a 5970 which has a 512 bit bus, sort of, its really just 2 256 bit buses, one on each 5870
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